Recent statistics reveal outstanding results for companies that use video content. 84% of consumers say watching a video could convince them to buy a product or service. Even 59% of executives admit they would rather watch a video versus reading text content.

Your website design is a way to intrigue and attracts new customers with both paid traffic and organic traffic. The best method for effectively capturing new leads from your visitors is by incorporating video content to engage them better.

Still not convinced why your website design needs video content besides traditional blog writing? You will be soon! Keep reading for more fantastic facts about video content.

The Market is Changing

Recent statistics suggest people spend 6 hours and 48 minutes on average per week watching videos online.

As the world makes a shift to rely on the Internet as its primary source of information, human behavior is also changing. You are less likely to want to read text, especially as the Internet offers so much video content, and it is competing for your attention.

Videos make it simpler to understand what a brand is all about because it is more than words. It has emotion, colors, music, and more. Video content is a way to be a storyteller.

In fact, if you see a page with a lot of text from blog writing, you may just want to skim over the headlines and “bounce” to save time and your patience. Video content keeps visitors on your page longer as they click to play the video and wait to see what the message is about.

Improve SEO With Video Content

The second most visited website in the world is YouTube. Who owns YouTube? Google, of course!

Creating a YouTube channel you optimize with keywords, including a content title, description, and tags for each video upload or live stream, could boost your SEO. This is how you can attract organic traffic.

Beyond using YouTube, adding video content to your website design helps your SEO because a visitor will remain on your site for longer. The time that a visitor stays on your page is important for ranking on search results. Google thinks that your webpage is more important than similar ones when people stay on your pages for longer visits.

This does not mean creating lengthy videos will rank better, though. Actually, that will bore your visitors. Trying to keep them too long will do more harm than good. 

It helps to give bite-size, digestible video content.

Working with a superb partner that can offer video editing services and video animation will help you create good video content with the right message at the right time.

Brand Your Business

You want to stand out. Beat the competition! This means giving your company a personality.

Visitors should land on your website and get a feeling about who you are by just taking a glance at your website design.

Blog writing can give your brand a tone and a voice, but it takes much longer to communicate to visitors than video content. Video effects and video editing will brand your business within seconds of clicking play.

Further, the video content that you have on your website should be easy to share. When you have interesting, funny, and inspiring content, people like to share that with their network. This kind of organic traffic is free, getting the word out about your brand with zero ad spend.

People love watching video content from their social networks. Recent statistics suggest that over 500 million users watch video content on Facebook daily, while 82% of Twitter users mostly use the platform to watch video content too. 75% of Instagram platform users who watch a video ad will take action.

A Growing Trend: No Sound

Reports show that 85% of the Facebook videos that users watch, they watch with no sound. Therefore, close caption editing is important when creating video content.

With close caption editing, you can have ADA-compliant videos, too.

Tips and Tricks

Mobile Devices

With the right website design, video content is responsive, making it easy to watch on a mobile device. Video content is much easier to comprehend and quicker on a mobile device rather than long strings of text.

Of all video content views, over 75% are from a mobile device. A successful website design must be mobile-friendly.

What Kind of Video Content Do You Need?

Good website design contains video content with a purpose. Before you produce your video content, you want to determine what your goals are.

What are you looking to achieve with your video content? What do you want the person to do once they watch your video content? Should they sign up, call you, share the video, etc.?

Here are a few types of video content that have a track record for getting results.


Often, savvy customers will want to research your company and your product or solution before they agree to purchase it. Authentic satisfied clients who naturally give their praise through video content will help to sway your visitors. It puts a face to the satisfied customer!Higher Google Rankings

Bump yourself up closer to the top of Google results by updating your site’s content. Google favors sites that produce consistent content full of buzzy keywords and external/internal links.

Investing in search engine optimization (SEO) strategies is great for rising to the top and generating new leads. You can take on this project yourself, but it’s often best to outsource by hiring a professional SEO service provider or a marketing firm offering SEO services.

Case StudiesUpdated content is about the information you post on your site. It’s also about how you post the information.

Visitors are researching your website design, hoping you can solve a challenge they have. They want to see that you understand their problem and discover how your product or solution can solve it. This kind of video content will take a deeper dive into how your business can go about benefiting the person watching it.

How-To Videos

This goes perfectly with the case study video content. It will give a detailed demonstration to help clarify anything that may still seem a little hazy in the visitor’s mind. It should give them a moment of “Ah ha! I got it!”

Tips and Tricks

Going beyond a demonstration and showing ways to bring additional value can be the cherry on top for the visitor considering your product or solution. Add video content that is more than a product demonstration, but adds some sizzle to what you sell.

  Website Design & Video Content

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