Around 63% of the world’s population uses the internet.

A customer’s experience when using your website can determine if they go with you or turn to a competitor. A strong website will make a huge difference in how successful a business is, so it’s important to make sure yours is well designed and maintained.

For a rundown on why you need website support for your business, keep reading.

Web Design and Development

If you don’t already have a website for your business, you’re already missing out on a lot of potential growth. When someone wants to find a product or a service, they will almost always begin by looking online.

CTI Miami is one of the leading web design support services in Miami. We can design and build your website from the bottom up, ensuring it’s responsive, well optimized, and appealing to your target audience.


Website Maintenance and Support

Once we’ve got your website up and running, or even if you already have a website, there is still plenty more to be done. Our supportive website services will ensure your website is always working how it should be.

If your website never changes, it will quickly fall behind the sites of competing companies. Routine updates will ensure your website gives customers the best possible experience and provides the latest features. Keeping content up to date also helps to maintain customer engagement as there’s always something new for them to see.

Another aspect of website technical support is maintaining security. On the web, there are countless scams and malicious attacks taking place every day. You want to make sure your website is well protected to keep your business and your customers safe.

By making sure all technical aspects of your website are regularly updated, CTI Miami will keep your site as secure as possible.

Website Support Service Analytics

CTI Miami can also track and analyze a range of metrics to assess how well certain aspects are working. By observing how effective different elements of your website are, we can determine which aspects of our website support services are giving the best and worst results.

With analytics tools like Google Analytics and Heat Maps, we can show actual numbers to demonstrate how people are interacting with your website. By looking at these details, we can then make adjustments to your digital strategy that will generate more leads and sales.

We can also train your staff to use these analytical tools themselves so that you can get an idea of customer interactions at any time.

Do You Need Website Support?

Website support can be beneficial for any business. A poorly maintained website will drive potential customers to your competitors resulting in you losing out on business. At CTI Miami, we can help develop and maintain your website, ensuring it always performs well.

We also offer a range of other services that could help your business, such as SEO, copywriting, and digital marketing. If you have any questions about our services, click here to contact us today.


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