Membership Websites

If you’ve ever visited an online community like Facebook or an e-learning site like Udemy, then you already know what a membership website is. At its most basic, a membership website is simply a portal that offers restricted access to its content. In other words, it’s a site that’s only available to members. Of course, access can be paid, free, or a mix of both. And while membership websites come in all shapes and sizes, they typically offer some combination of exclusive content, member reviews, and testimonials. All of which makes them incredibly valuable resources for anyone looking to learn more about a particular topic or subject.

Membership websites

Do you need a member website?

A membership website is only as strong as its membership base. That’s why, when we build membership websites, we start by learning about your business goals and the structure of your membership plans. This helps us determine what the best membership website design will be for your needs. We take security and responsiveness seriously, so you can rest assured that your site will be safe and function perfectly on most devices. So if you’re ready to build a strong, responsive membership website, let’s get in touch.

Is your member website secure?

If you want to keep your information secure, a member intranet is the way to go. It’s a central hub for all the searchable information your members need, and it stays secure behind a login. That means your members can access document management, protected information, manuals, tips, guides and more – everything they need on a day-to-day basis – without worrying about the public getting their hands on it. Not to mention, when all that information is collected in one place, your members save time searching for it and you save money paying for inefficiencies. So really, it’s a win-win situation. Keep your members happy by keeping their information safe and sound on a secure website.

Who maintains your member website?

That’s a question you should be asking before entrusting your online presence to just any web development company. At CTI Miami, website support and maintenance is a key part of our long-term relationships with our clients. We’ll always be here to support your membership website and to run updates, create backups and help you adapt your site to changes in the market and in your business. So when it comes to choosing a web development company, make sure you ask the important questions – like who will be maintaining your member website. Because at CTI Miami, we’ve got you covered.

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