Refund Policy

Thank you for engaging in our ongoing support services. We understand the importance of clarity regarding our refund policy, even though these services are inherently non-refundable due to their ongoing nature.

Refund Policy for Ongoing Support Services

This policy serves to maintain transparency and clarity regarding the non-refundable nature of our ongoing support services, while also acknowledging the potential for exceptions under specific circumstances.

Minimum Commitment and Payment Terms

  • A minimum commitment of 7 months is required for our ongoing support services.
  • Monthly payments are due around the date of the initial incurred charges or on/around the first day of the subsequent billing cycle to maintain continuous service. For instance, if a client signs the contract and submits payment on the 5th of the month, their credit card will be charged on the 5th of the following month. Additionally, if the scheduled deduction date falls on a bank holiday or weekend, the billing system will automatically deduct funds on the closest banking day prior to ensure delivery on or before the scheduled billing date.

Service Continuation and Cancellation

  • Services continue indefinitely after the initial 7-month commitment period.
  • Cancellation of services requires a 30-day notice prior to the desired cancellation date.

Non-Refundable Nature of Ongoing Services

  • Given the nature of ongoing support services and the commitment required to ensure consistent and uninterrupted assistance, we do not offer refunds for payments made during or after the minimum commitment period.

Exceptions and Extenuating Circumstances

  • We understand that exceptional circumstances might arise. In such cases, we encourage clients to reach out to discuss their situation directly with our support team.
  • Instances where our services have not met the agreed-upon standards or where extenuating circumstances occur may be considered for a resolution on a case-by-case basis.

Contact Us

  • For any inquiries, concerns, or clarification regarding our refund policy or ongoing support services, please contact us at: .