31% of marketers rely on short articles to build brand awareness, meaning the days of blogging are still alive. 

Content marketing is an excellent way to pull in visitors to your company’s site. But once you reel customers in, you must find a way to keep them there. This is where consistency comes into play!

Consistently updating the content on your site is important, whether it’s new blog posts or recent photo albums. Keeping everything updated may feel like tedious work to some, but we guarantee the payoff is worth it. 

If you don’t believe us, keep reading. We’ve provided a guide below on the importance of updating your content. 

What is Content Marketing?

Before you can understand why updated content is important, it’s best to first understand content marketing at its core.

Content marketing is a type of marketing that consists of creating and publishing a variety of online content. Types of content include:

The content your business creates doesn’t always have to be about the products and services you offer. It can focus on industry trends or exciting news, looping ideas back to your selling points.

Content creation is a way to draw customers in, build your brand’s reputation, and create trust with your audience through a personable approach.

Benefits of Updated Content

No matter how you decide to approach content creation, keep it up to date. We’ll dive into the benefits of updated content to give you a more in-depth perspective.

Improved Brand Reputation

Have you ever visited a company’s site that looked like it hadn’t been touched in centuries? You didn’t know if you could trust anything the company had typed out.

Avoid this problem by updating your content!

Start by double-checking all of your business and contact information. These tidbits of information are the most important. Make sure your store hours, customer service contact, and address are correct.

Next, take a look to see when your business last posted content. If it’s been a hot minute, call up your marketing and copywriting team. It’s time to put something together.

The more you update your site, the more reliable you appear to customers.

Fewer Questions Asked

Steer clear of confusion by keeping your content updated. Updated content cuts down on the number of questions asked by customers, resulting in less stress for your team members.

Create content showcasing your new products, including how to use the products. Write articles about the new direction your company is heading in. Post photos displaying your new storefront location.

All of these examples provide important information to customers. However, in the case they still have lingering questions, make sure to provide an easy way to contact your team.

Higher Google Rankings

Bump yourself up closer to the top of Google results by updating your site’s content. Google favors sites that produce consistent content full of buzzy keywords and external/internal links.

Investing in search engine optimization (SEO) strategies is great for rising to the top and generating new leads. You can take on this project yourself, but it’s often best to outsource by hiring a professional SEO service provider or a marketing firm offering SEO services.

Greater Visual Appeal

Updated content is about the information you post on your site. It’s also about how you post the information.

Keep up with current web design trends to create a visually appealing site for consumers. Much like many people are drawn to the ‘prettier’ bottles on the shelves, they’re drawn to sites that look more professional.

Refer to the core pillars of your brand to decide how to design your site. Settle on the tone you’d like to communicate to visitors, and guarantee the site is accessible to everyone.

Note: Don’t forget to make sure whatever design layout you choose translates well to mobile devices. Our world is a mobile world!

Better Competitive Edge

Building your brand’s trust and bumping yourself up towards the top of Google’s results list gives your company a leg up in the competition. (Keep in mind that creating a high-quality digital marketing strategy is a marathon, not a sprint.)

Remember, it’s acceptable to peek at your competitors’ sites for content inspiration. Take a look at the kinds of posts people are engaging in with the most.

Use these notes to inspire the type of content your company produces. It may feel like you’re playing dirty, but we promise everyone’s doing it!

Higher Return Rate

Do you remember the days of waiting for the Sunday morning papers? There’s something great about catching up on the latest news while sipping a hot cup of coffee.

Fans of the Sunday morning paper enjoyed weekly updates. The craving for updated news kept them coming back for more.

Consistently updating your site will have the same effect on your customers. If they notice new content each time they click your link, they’ll make a mental note to check in on a regular basis.

Consistency in Content Marketing

To better build and promote your company, invest time into creating a content marketing strategy. Content creation helps businesses cut through the static. 

Once you entice new customers to your site, keep them coming back for more with updated content. No one likes a stale site. 

Is your company in need of help carrying out its content marketing strategy? CTI Miami is here to help! Check out our offered services, including SEO services, and schedule a meeting with us today.