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    CTI can help you make your website accessible and ADA compliant
    CTI can help you make your website accessible and ADA compliant
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    Well done! Your website is accessible to all users. Thank you for being inclusive!

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    Say goodbye to web accessibility stress and hello to success with CTI's high-converting web design and AI solutions.


    Increased User Engagement

    Easy navigation keeps visitors longer, sending positive signals to search engines.

    Improve Search Ranking

    Accessible web design enhances user experience, drives higher conversions, and boosts search engine rankings.

    Peace of Mind

    Avoid legal issues and rest easy, knowing your website is compliant and secure.

    Did you know that lawsuits are increasingly targeting small and medium-sized businesses for not meeting ADA(Americans with Disabilities Act) website accessibility standards? Ensure your site is compliant to avoid legal risks.

    With the rapid growth of web accessibility, legal ramifications are impacting industries across the board, especially small and medium-sized businesses. Legal actions are expected to rise as the demand for accessible digital experiences becomes more critical. At CTI Miami, we are dedicated to helping our clients meet these accessibility standards and uphold social responsibility.

    2022 Lawsuit Graph For None Accessible Websites
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    ADA Website Accessibility Solutions

    Revolutionize your SEO game with CTI Miami’s ADA compliance solutions! Boost your website’s visibility, drive engagement, and deliver unmatched user experiences for unbeatable SEO results. Our proven services ensure full ADA compliance, seamless UX design, and tailored SEO tactics. Seize the opportunity to catapult your online presence to new heights! Turn your website into a beacon of social responsibility and SEO brilliance today.

    Book a meeting with David Pigott, your dedicated ADA compliant web design expert at CTI Miami.

    I empower entrepreneurs with accessible web solutions, saving you time and money. With the rise of AI website builders, accessibility and compliance often take a backseat. But the cost of non-compliance can be staggering, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawsuits and fixing issues. At CTI Miami, we ensure your web presence is socially responsible and legally compliant. Let’s make your website inclusive and lawsuit-proof. Schedule a meeting now for web design excellence.

    Book a meeting with David at CTI expert web designer


    Discover what others are saying about our ADA compliant, high-converting web design and CTI Miami!

    “David is an extremely talented professional who has proven his skills, …managed to integrate the highest level of SEO, …. He is also an expert implementing all necessary tools in terms of security, ADA etc… finally he is reliable and always a team player!”
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    “The CTI team migrated my website and optimized all the backend stuff that was taking me too long to do. Not only did they complete everything in less than 2 weeks,…It was such a smooth experience to work with CTI and they provide amazing support.”
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    “CTI took on the task of developing my Web Page. They were prompt, professional, innovative and very instructive as I had no idea what I was doing;  ..positive results. CTI still monitors their work and promptly makes suggestions…Proud to have them associated with my company.”CTI Miami reviews on google

    “David has been very thorough, detailed and attentive with redesigning my website. I am really happy with how my website looks, very professional and easy to navigate. He is adding more SEO so that I can be better ranked in google and obtain more leads. Another thing he’s doing is making it ADA compliant to make sure there’s accessibility for everyone. I am really excited to be working with him and see the evolution of my website and therefore my business! Thank you so much David! I recommend his services to anyone who is looking to improve their SEO and website interaction for new leads and clients..”
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    We’ve Got You Covered

    Logo Design

    Creating a great brand for your company is essential for sales and customer loyalty, and a great brand starts with a solid logo.

    ADA Compliant Web Design

    Easily create a seamless website experience across all screens and devices with responsive web design layouts, while ensuring ADA compliance for accessibility to all users.

    Analytics & ROI

    We’re dedicated to driving high-quality leads and revenue through measurable results. Our focus is on maximizing your ROI.

    SEO Marketing Services

    We help you determine what traffic you’re trying to attract and use tools to get your pages ranked  on top search listings.

    Copywriting for SEO

    Our seasoned copywriters are experts in content development, capable of crafting tailored, high-performance content for your site.

    Team Training

    We’re here to be your website partner, not just your website company. We will train you on how to read your google analytics reports and how to make basic updates to your website pages.

    Member Websites

    We’ll always be here to support your membership website and to run updates, create backups and help you adapt your site to changes in the market and in your business.

    Digital Marketing

    At CTI Miami, we put our expertise to work helping you choose the online advertising that best suits your business needs and will reach your customers.

    We’ll Show You How It`s Done

    We’re passionate about crafting websites that blend beauty with functionality and, above all, prioritize accessibility for all users. CTI Miami is committed to building ADA-compliant websites from inception, ensuring every page is accessible. Ultimately, this commitment translates to a higher ROI for our clients.

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    Outperform Your Competitors with User-Friendly Website Navigation

    Are potential customers bouncing off your site due to complexity and clutter? Simplifying with a clean, functional website can enhance navigation and drive conversions. User-friendly design outperforms competitors and fosters repeat business.


    Ready To Elevate Your Website Using CTI’s Web Designs and AI Technologies? Let’s Get Started!